What is Scrip:

Scrip is a way to give to GBRSS through your normal shopping methods. Certain local stores including:

sell gift cards to the school at a reduced (discounted) amount. You purchase the gift cards from the school for full face value and then use them at the store. Your unused balance remains on the card for your future use.  The school keeps the difference between the face value of the gift cards and the discounted price offered by the store.

How it works:

Orders need to be received by the first of the month and are delivered back to the school on the fifth of the month.

There are two ways to place an order for scrip:  

1. You can use a paper form, available at the front desk at school or downloadable here.
2. You can set up an account here and use the code 8921332621922 to link your account to our school.
There are two ways to get your scrip in your hands:
1. You can ask that it be given to your child to bring home to you.
2. You can pick it up at the front desk at school.
There are two ways to pay for scrip:
1. You can write a check for the total.  Make the check out to GBRSS and put “scrip” in the memo line.  Bring this check to the front desk.
2. You can set up a PrestoPay account on the site.  Under “My Account,” follow the prompts to link your scrip account to a checking account, and all future purchases can be debited from that account or you can elect to write a check instead.
There are two ways to shop with scrip:
1. Shop locally.  That is the best way to shop, and we all aim for it.  Support our local retailers and the school at the same time by using scrip to buy groceries, gas and shoes & clothing. Once you create an account at and log in, our local stores will appear on the grocery, gas and department store pages.  YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO SEE THESE LOCAL OPTIONS.
2. Shop online.  This is an unavoidable reality, whether you are booking a hotel or rental car, or buying items you cannot find here.  Using scrip is the only way to keep some of this cyber money in our local community.
There are two people to call or email with any questions you still have.  Feel absolutely certain you are not the first person asking whatever question that may be, and equally sure that we would rather you ask the question than not buy scrip!
1. Elisa Kammeyer or (413)229-2003

Monthly Orders*:

Place an order that gives you scrip on a monthly basis.  Pre write post dated checks and receive your monthly order regularly. Your checks will not be deposited until the check date.*Monthly standing orders can be scheduled for the 1st of each month.