Annual Fund

“As we were given a tour of the school, the students talked with great pride about what they had learned from Greek culture to physics. What struck me was the reverence and insight with which the older students described the work of the younger students.  I instantly knew this was the place for my children.”
– Parent of GBRSS student

When you arrive at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, first you are taken with the beautiful surroundings and then the enthusiastic students who share the work they, and their fellow students, have undertaken. In meeting GBRSS students, it is clear they have a true joy of learning.

Awakening each child’s lifelong love of learning is at the core of the school’s mission.  The students are taught by experienced, enthusiastic teachers who encourage the students to explore every facet of their ability.  Therefore, when new opportunities arise, they will be unafraid to pursue them.

Take a minute to observe the children and behold the remarkable transformations that have taken place. The gifts of personal growth, varied skill, and knowledge that they have gained from our school are stunning.  This educational jewel has been created with great effort from the teachers and parents alike and would not be possible without your support.

Tuition alone covers only 85% of the expenses of our school.  We need your contribution to help us provide the necessary educational materials as well as a living wage for our teachers who undertake the valuable work we have entrusted to them.

Please help us as we prepare the children for their journey toward adulthood when they will share their unique gifts with the world. Consider that each of us is a single thread weaving the fabric of our thriving school. Your participation is critical to the school’s success!


Thank you for your continued support