Call the SPORTS PHONE (413)528-4015, ext. 150 for practice and game announcements. Cancellations or changes are announced by 1 p.m. of the day of scheduled game or practice.  For other questions, call Krista Palmer, (413)528-4015, ext. 110.

Come to the games and cheer on the teams!!


Girls Lacrosse

Date Team Played Home/Away Game time Return time
April 15, Wed. Dutchess Day Home 3:45
April 27, Mon. Berkshire Country Day (BCD) Away 3:30 5:30
April 29, Wed. Indian Mountain School (IMS) Home 3:30
May 1, Fri. BCD 6th Grade-POSTPONED UNTIL MAY 12 Home 3:30
May 4, Mon. Pine Cobble Away 4:00 6:30
May 8, Fri. IMS Away 3:30 5:30
May 11, Mon. Dalton TBA
May 12, Tues. BCD – 6th grade game Home 3:30
May 13, Wed. BCD – 6th grade game Away 3:30 5:30
May 18, Mon. Pine Cobble Home 4:00
May 20, Wed. Pittsfield TBA

Boys Baseball

Date Team Played Home/Away Game time Return time
April 29, Wed. Rumsey Hall Home 3:30
May 4, Mon. Mount Everett Away 3:30 5:30
May 6, Wed. Indian Mountain School Home 3:30
May 8, Fri. Mt. Everett Home 3:30
May 13, Wed. Rumsey Hall Away 3 :30 6:30
May 15, Fri. IMS Away 3:30 6:00

Practice starts Monday, March 30.

Parents Dan Bellow and Ed O’Malley will coach the boys baseball team again this year. The girls will be coached by Krista Palmer. She is looking for help due to some scheduling conflicts. If there is any parent wishing to be involved in athletics and eager to learn the game of lacrosse, please step forward!

Practice: Practices are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 3 – 4:40 pm. As usual, the NY Taconic Hills bus will be available from the school at 4:45 pm.

Equipment: The school has mitts and lacrosse sticks although some students prefer their own mitts and some girls have their own sticks. If you are interested in purchasing a stick, look into Dicks Sporting Goods or Longstreth Lacrosse ( If you have questions about purchasing a stick please call me (extension 110). All girls will also need mouth guards in order to play in a game. The school provides all the uniforms.

  • Please call sports line 528-4015 ext.150 to check for changes. All changes are made by 1 pm.