Parent Association

PA Class Reps 2015 – 2016
PA CO-CHAIR Maggie Taylor 860-387-3347
PA CO-CHAIR Shiva Lucido 413-329-3139
TREASURER Kirstin Morgan 917-533-9766
8TH GRADE Elisa Kammeyer 917-318-1313
8TH GRADE Kimberly Lynas 518 610-3449
7TH GRADE Lara Setti 828 329-8838
7TH GRADE Anna-Barbara Churchill 516 998-5513
5TH GRADE Leslie Bissaillon 413 822-3351
5TH GRADE Allyson Strafella 646 675-2259
4TH GRADE Iovan deRis 413 329-5987
4TH GRADE Laura Fleury 207 553 0161
3RD GRADE Kirstin Morgan 917-533-9766
3RD GRADE Shiva Lucido 413-329-3139
2ND GRADE Kari Harendorf 646 528-9083
2ND GRADE Dennilu Sosa 610 802-5949
1ST GRADE Emily Shaw 413 559-1548
1ST GRADE Kristine Stockfisch 413 329-4307
SUN ROOM Sridavi Reddy 917 699-2778
RAINBOW ROOM Kari Harendorf 646 528-9083
RAINBOW ROOM Jenny Fenig 917 353-7734
FACULTY REP EC Diane Prusha X113
FACULTY REP MAIN Tracy Brennan x152
DEVELOPMENT Jenna Lamond 718-909-7920


Leslie Bissaillon Grade School Faculty Soup Coordinator, Grade School Faculty Cookie Coordinator, Fall Fair Chair
Holly Henderson-Fisher EC Faculty Soup & Cookie Coordinator

Class Responsibilities:GBRSS has a time-honored tradition of assigning specific tasks to each class. Class Responsibilities outline what each class’s duties are throughout the year. You are encouraged to participate in events that are not specific to your class however it is understood that your first priority will be to the tasks that your child’s class has been assigned. Duties include things like set-up, providing refreshments, and clean-up. The event organizers will provide detailed instructions as to what is needed for each specific event.

Grade Events (partial list) Fall Fair
EC EC Picnics Prizes for Pocket Lady & Little People’s Shop
1 Little People’s Shop
2 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (Oct 30th) Children’s Crafts
3 Parking help for the grade school picnics–1st and last day of school Silent Auction
4 Parking help for Thanksgiving Assembly Raffle Room
5 Parking help for Christmas Assembly Gently Used Shop & Lunchroom
6 Parking help for Spring Assembly Lunchroom
7 Circus, Graduation Country Store
8 Circus, Fundraising Games, parking

Active parent participation is integral to and essential for the health and well-being of our school. The entire quality of life at the school is enriched and supported by parent involvement. The Parent Association Parents provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support for the teacher and the class. PA Class Reps and supportive class parents, along with the class teacher, create a strong foundation for each grade and early childhood classroom.

As an organization, the Parent Association consists of volunteer representatives from each classroom, from preschool through eighth grade. These representatives coordinate class functions and activities, as well as act as liaisons between the class parents and the teachers/administration. Each class has school activities and events for which it is responsible, and the families in each class work together to ensure the success of these events.

In addition to the support that the PA gives the school, it also supports parents.Throughout the year the PA hosts Parent Education events — presentations that discuss topics such as different aspects of Waldorf schooling, raising healthy children and mindfulness workshops. The PA also hosts its annual fundraiser, Café’ Night, to be held in mid-March. This enjoyed-by-all adults variety show features the many talents of our GBRSS community, so it’s not too early to start rehearsing your act!

The families that make up our school have chosen Waldorf education at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School because of its rich, comprehensive curriculum and wholechild heart-centered philosophy. The relationships AMONG parents, children, and teachers are central to Waldorf education. A Waldorf school flourishes when its students’ education and development are nurtured both at home and at school. With this in mind, the Parent Association encourages and supports activities and communication among parents, teachers and administration. The Parent Association meets as a group once a month and all parents are invited to attend. Check the School Calendar for the dates.

PA Meeting Minutes

April 8th, 2014 May 6th, 2014 September 9, 2014 October 7, 2014
November 4, 2014 December 10, 2014 January 6, 2015 February 3, 2015
March 3, 2015 April 7, 2015