School Closings

GBRSS generally follows Berkshire Hills School District school weather cancellations and delays, as they provide the bus transportation for a large portion of our students. The school changes its outgoing message to reflect this information. When in doubt, feel free to call (413)528-4015.

Getting Involved

Waldorf educator Rene Querido said that parents “create a mantle of warmth around a school”.

Your participation is vitally important to the success of the school. It is the responsibility of each and every GBRSS family to volunteer. There are many ways to do so: Parent Association Class Representative, Fall Fair Chair, Scrip Program Chair/Class Representative, Sponsorship Program, Cafe’ Night, Café Mozart, Voice Concert, Alumni Relations, Alumni Class Agents, Golf Outing, 40th Anniversary Celebration, Handcraft Nights, Phone-a-thon, Picnics, Buildings and Grounds, New Family Buddies, and Soup Day.

Many friendships begin with a crafts workshop or a committee meeting, and our children always benefit when parents are involved. Please feel free to come by the Development Office call, (413)528-4015 ext. 104, or email if you have any questions.