Summer @ Steiner

A Waldorf-inspired summer day program for children entering grades Nursery – 8

Exploring the Green River at GBRSS Summer @ Steiner

Players (Nursery) & Discoverers (K-1)

Players program for children ages 3-4 follows the simple, gentle and nurturing structure of a nursery day.

Discoverers program for children ages 5 – 6 follows an imaginative, playful and explorative structure.

  • Circle of song, verse and imagination
  • Snack preparation and picnics
  • Imaginative indoor and outdoor play and exploration
  • Gardening in our vegetable and flower gardens
  • Nursery campers enjoy puppet plays and quiet afternoon rest
  • Players have supervised water play; Discoverers play along the Green River and Forests

Riding horses with Summer @ Steiner

Adventurers (grades 2 – 5)

The adventurers thrive on the challenges and new adventures their week brings:

  • Outdoor games, craft projects, and special events
  • Pool swim with lessons and river exploration
  • Weekly Horseback riding
  • Full day trip to a lake for picnicking, swimming and beach fun
  • Weekly recreational or informative field trip
  • Gardening in our vegetable and flower gardens


Sports & Recreational  (Grades 6 – 8)

in weeks 1 and 2 for middle schoolers, the program offers on-campus theme weeks of SPORTS and RECREATIONAL activities

  • Week 1 Basketball fundamentals, i.e. shooting, ball handling, footwork and more
  • Week 2 Soccer focus works on agility, balance and coordination through driblling, passing/receiving and shooting
  •  Each day will include pool, river or lake swim

Wild Naturalists    (Grades 6-8)

In weeks 3 & 4, the Wild Naturalists will experience a variety of adventures on the wild lands surrounding the school campus.  They will gain naturalist skills and build self-confidence in the wilderness, becoming one with the land through games and activities such as:

  • Firemaking
  • Shelter building
  • Scout games
  • Animal tracking and bird language
  • The identification and use of wild edible and medicinal plants

Explorers    (Grades 6-8)

In weeks 5 & 6, this off-campus program for Explorers offers an active week of outdoor challenges & camaraderie such as:

  • Team sports, tennis, biking and hiking
  • Canoeing, sailing, kayaking; lake and pool swim
  • Special events e.g. rock climbing or water park trip
  • Participation in the explorers requires moderate endurance and adequate biking skills
  • There will be an additional special events fee

Middle graders sliding in waterfall