Elementary Grades

Each child begins the school day with an individual greeting and a firm handshake from the class teacher. The atmosphere at the school is warm and supportive, and our standards and expectations are high. We encourage students to look for the best in themselves and in others in a manner that leads to a purposeful life.

Class Teacher

In a Waldorf school, the Class Teacher leads his or her class from first through eighth grade, and is thus able to guide each child’s progress from a deep awareness of that child’s individual gifts and challenges. The class teacher is also able to bring continuity to the curriculum, unifying the various disciplines over the years. Working with new subject matter at every grade level refreshes and inspires class teachers. Every September the material is new, and their students are one year older, presenting a whole set of new challenges, gifts and discoveries. Teachers stretch and grow with their students, creating a dynamic context for learning.

Main Lesson

Students begin every day with the two hour Main Lesson, a three- to four-week block covering a major adacemic subject intensively. Each subject is brought to life with stories, music, expository writing, poetry, painting, drawing and drama.

Main Lesson Books

Students create their own Main Lesson Books, amplifying, condensing, restating and illustrating their studies. These colorful, very individualized books are made with great care by the children. They are not only a record of what has been studied, but an active method of inquiry, increasing the students’ capacities for creativity and for knowledge.

For admissions information about current or upcoming school years, please call the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School Admissions Office at (413) 528-4015, ext. 106. Ask for a current calender, fee schedule, and application. You may also request a visit to meet with the teachers and tour the classrooms.