Faculty & Staff Directory

Early Childhood Teachers

Somer Serpe
Rainbow Room, Early Childhood Teacher
ext. 113
Christi Pierce
Sun Room, Early Childhood Teacher
ext. 113
Jo Valens
Robin’s Nest, Nursery Teacher
ext. 114
Beth Oakley
Rose Room, Early Childhood Teacher
ext. 113
Trice Atchison
Parent-Child, Parent-Toddler, Parent-Infant
ext. 113
Elly Peterson
Early Childhood Assistant
ext. 114
Diane Prusha
Extended Care Coordinator
ext. 113
Laura Lin
Early Childhood Assistant

Class Teachers

Pamela Giles
First grade
ext. 156
Tracey Brennan
Second grade
ext. 152
Rebecca Morrison
Third grade
ext. 125
Julie Ludvigsen
Fourth grade
Victoria Cartier
Fifth grade
Kirsten Suberg
Sixth grade
ext. 168
Nancy Franco
Seventh grade
ext. 167
Mark Eurich
Eighth grade
ext. 151

Subject Teachers

Jean Zay
Librarian, After School Music Program
ext. 109
Nancy Franco
ESP Coordinator
ext. 167
Patti Regan
ext. 159
Ann Coltman
German (grades 5-8)
ext. 169
Maria Wolff
ext. 171
Barbara Carr
ext. 153
Lynn Arches
Middle School Science and Math Teacher
Sigrid Mitchell
Music, 6th Grade Handwork
Krista Palmer
Physical Education, Handwork
ext. 110
Elmer Orobio
Woodworking & Modeling
ext. 162
Memrie Kelly

Administrative Staff

Robyn Coe
Director of Admissions and Marketing
ext. 106 email: admissions@gbrss.org
Maria Crespo
Office Coordinator
ext. 0 email: office@gbrss.org
Rochelle Duffy
Data Coordinator
ext. 103 email: info@gbrss.org
Michael Junkins
Faculty Administrator
ext. 105 email: facadmin@gbrss.org
Jenna Lamond
Development Coordinator
ext. 104 email: development@gbrss.org
Hadley Milliken
Gardening and Biodynamic Farming Director
ext. 117 email: garden@gbrss.org
Jeff Novick
Business Office Manager
ext. 101 email: business@gbrss.org
Hurish Pajeski
ext. 102 email: bookkeepper@gbrss.org
Hartmuth Sommer
Facilities Manager
ext. 111 email: campus@gbrss.org