Steiner 8th Grade Coed Soccer Team Takes 2nd in Tournament and Helps Win $1500 for Homeless Shelter

Steiner 7/8 Coed Soccer Team Captures 2nd in Dutchess Day Tournament, Helps Raise $1500 for Hudson Valley Homeless Shelter
GBRSS 7th & 8th Grade Co-Ed Soccer Team at Dutchess Day Tournament 2014

Miracle on West Plain Road

soccerKickWhen the students returned this year they were welcomed by some big improvements to their play spaces.  After a very quick campaign last spring and generous donations to that campaign, our soccer field was totally overhauled.  The field that was going to the weeds, often muddy, always uneven, and getting worse each year.  Now, there is a new field for the soccer and lacrosse teams and games classes. Additionally, the 8th grade of 2012 generously donated bleachers as their class gift.

Unbelievable, herculean work was done and staggering amounts of blood, sweat and tears were dedicated by Gary Casarsa, Chris Lee, Alan Papscun and Hartmuth Somer (members of the Buildings & Grounds Committee).  Grass seed was put in June 20th, just in time for the summer drought.  Watering the entire field took countless hours, many times late into the night.  If that was not enough, these gentlemen also oversaw the resurfacing of the black top.  A new handball wall will be put in and the court will have 3 basketball hoops.

When you see these dads, please thank them for their work.  Krista plans to honor them at our first home game on that field, September 24th, before the game at 3:45.

Baseball and Lacrosse End of Season Report

GBRSS Girls Lacrosse Team
Congratulations to the boys’ baseball and girls’ lacrosse teams. Over 20 boys and girls went out for the teams this spring. Good sportsmanship and team camaraderie were achieved from both. The girls lacrosse team posted a 7-2 record, impressive for their second year. The boys team finished with a 2- 6 record. Many games had to stop short of the full innings due to bad weather or time. The 8th graders this year truly led all teams by their attitude, their enthusiasm, and inclusiveness for all team members.

Thank you to all the adults who gave their time this year to coach our students – Hartmuth Sommer, Elmer Orobio, Heather Alston, Brad Danyluk, Bart Elsbach, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Scott McFarland, Corrado Fasciano, Ed O’Malley. What a team!

Baseball and Lacrosse Practices Begin

After-school baseball and lacrosse practices have begun and games are lined up. Come to the Home games and cheer on the teams!! Boys Baseball has a scrimmage, home against Cornwall, at 3:30 pm. on Friday, April 13th with games starting later in April. Girls Lacrosse games begin late in April, also.

Call the SPORTS PHONE (413)528-4015, ext. 150 for practice and game announcements. Cancellations or changes are announced by 1 p.m. of the day of scheduled game or practice.  For other questions, call Krista Palmer, (413)528-4015, ext. 110.

Girls Basketball Team 12-2 Record

GBRSS Girls Basketball Team 12-2 Record

Congratulations to all the basketball players!

The boys’ team saw tremendous improvement over the course of the season and by their last game were playing with confidence and knowledge of the game.

The girls’ team finished with a solid season under their belts. Lead by a healthy number of 8th graders they posted a 12-2 record. Special mention is also in order for their victories at the Waldorf Tournament. The girls won all their games, including the game against Green Meadow, the host team. The gym was packed and the girls held their composure throughout.

Pictured here are the 7th & 8th grade girls at the last game of the season against Hotchkiss.

Thank you to all our parents for your support, enthusiasm and help!