Annual Tuition Rates 2015-2016

Grades One through Eight                                     from $7,383 to $15,936*
Early Childhood (Nursery & Kindergarten)           from $3,252 to $12,781*

5 Full 5 Morning 4 Full 4 Morning 3 Full 3 Morning
$12,781 $9,713 $10,991 $8,353 $9,233 $7,017


We are committed to serving families from diverse financial backgrounds. Please be in touch to discuss the possibility of your child(ren) having the gift of Waldorf education. Education may be the most important commitment you make for your child; its value extends far beyond the classroom, shaping a child’s experience throughout their lifetime. The Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School is committed to working with every current and prospective parent to make a GBRSS education possible.  We consider tuition an investment in the future, not a commodity to seek for the lowest price. This approach, we believe, will create a school community that is more inclusive, more pedagogically enriching, and more rewarding to all involved.

Full Cost Tuition

Tuition rates do not cover the actual cost of educating a child at GBRSS. We rely on fundraising efforts to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operating costs; we therefore recommend that families who are able make an additional, tax-deductible contribution of $3,000 per student for the grades and $2,000 per student for Early Childhood toward the true cost of educating their children.

*Sliding Scale Tuition

The sliding fee scale has been created to make this education possible for a broader community and sets tuition based on family income. Families who choose to utilize the sliding scale are required to submit a copy of their current tax return, verifying their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Please note: Sliding Scale is intended for those families whose tax returns accurately reflect their ability to pay. If your family’s true financial situation is not reflected in your tax returns, we ask that you pay at a level that is appropriate to your financial position.

Tuition Assistance

Sliding scale tuition is available for Early Childhood through 8th Grade, and in most cases eliminates the need for families to request additional assistance. However, if your family’s financial circumstances fall outside the sliding scale, we encourage families to apply for tuition assistance.  Please see the Tuition Assistance Page for more information.

Sibling Discount

Families paying the published tuition, with more than one child attending the school may request a 10% discount for the second, and each subsequent child. We recognize that for families with three or more children enrolled in the school, even the sliding scale may make it difficult to afford tuition at GBRSS. If this is the case, please see our Tuition Assistance Procedure, and make an appointment with our Business Office.

Payment Plans

Families have the option to pay tuition in one, two, four or ten payments over the course of the academic year.  A small installment fee will apply.

Activity Fee

For grades 4, 7 and 8, there is an additional $500 activity fee. This fee covers the cost of curriculum-based class trips.