Mission Statement

The Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School cultivates students’
academic, emotional, and spiritual development through our unique curriculum.

We provide students with the foundation to live up to their full human potential,
creating lives of meaning and purpose that positively contribute to our world.
We accomplish our mission: 

By instilling in students a love of learning, a sense of wonder, an appreciation of beauty, and a connection to the natural world.

By following a curriculum based on the developmental stages of human beings as
described by Rudolf Steiner.

By attracting excellent teachers who are committed to their own professional and personal development, and giving each teacher the freedom to work creatively within the Waldorf curriculum.

By working cooperatively with parents to facilitate continuity between school and home.

By being a part of the time-tested, world-wide tradition of Waldorf Education that
integrates the humanities, sciences, and practical and fine arts.